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We are leaders in commercializing epigenetic testing services and technology for the longevity industry.

What We Do

We’re putting the LIFE back in Life Insurance by using epigenetics to improve the length and quality of people’s lives.

Supervised maching learning is applied to epigenetic signatures and DNA methylation analysis.

Epigenetic Signatures &
DNA Methylation Analysis

We discover and develop cutting-edge applications with epigenetic signatures to support groundbreaking scientific research and disruptive next-generation business initiatives.

Bioinformatics and artifical intelligence technologies are applied to Epigenetic Signatures and DNA Methylation Analysis.

Bioinformatics &
Advanced Machine Learning

We use leading supervised machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to identify epigenetic signatures related to biomarkers of human health and aging.

Why We Do It

We believe that changes to the human epigenome are a fundamental mechanism of aging and disease.

While a person’s underlying genetic code is stable throughout life, their health, wellness and aging leave discernible marks on the genome that modify how genes are expressed. The epigenome is the combination of all such natural modifications; and while epigenetic modifications can register within seconds to minutes, they can imprint signatures on the epigenome for decades, leaving a unique biography of an individual’s health and wellness history.

We seek to discover and understand the role epigenetic signatures play in individual health, wellness and aging in order to empower people to improve the length and quality of their lives, while making informed choices that benefit their health.

How changes to the human epigenome can cause genes to express in a way that causes chronic illness and disease.
Smoking tobacco is a leading cause of cancer
Stress promotes Cardiovascular Disease
Obesity can cause genes to express as Diabetes
Diet & Exercise can increase/decrease Disease States

How We Do It

We offer end-to-end, high volume testing services with advanced data analytics that use supervised machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Our high throughput, CLIA-certified laboratories support human and mouse epigenetic methylation testing.

Who We Serve

Research Community

As an epigenetics company, we are developing innovative new products and epigenetic testing services that provide cost-effective solutions and accurate testing results for the scientific research community.


Longevity Industry

For the longevity industry, we are commercializing epigenetic technology to provide testing options that are more accurate than self-reporting and less invasive than paramedical exams.


Infinium Human
Methylation Array

Achieve your research goals with the Infinium Human Methylation Array that detects dna methylation levels of over 860,000 sites along the genome.

  • Microarrays manufactured by Illumina.
  • Identifies the existence of molecular biochemical markers that impact gene expression along the genome.
  • Uses high-quality data to analyze the molecular biochemical markers known as DNA methylation.
  • Comprehensive process includes lab work and bioinformatic pre- and post-processing.
Illumina Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip Kit used for Human Methylation Array.
Illumina Infinium Methylation Kit used for Mouse Methylation Array.

Infinium Mouse
Methylation Array

Advance your biological research efforts in longevity, precision-based diagnostics, and therapeutic medicine in model organisms such as mammalians.

  • Developed in collaboration with leading scientists at Van Andel Institute and Illumina.
  • Designed to be usable in all strains of Mus musculus (inbred and outbred) and subspecies.
  • Includes lab work (with DNA extraction and array processing) and bioinformatic pre- and post-processing quality control.

Our Ecosystem

We collaborate with some of the nation’s leading bioscience and biotechnology companies, academic institutions, and science education organizations to develop cutting-edge epigenetic testing services and technology.

Follow our CEO, Jon Sabes’ approach to longevity and legacy.


Epigenetics & Longevity in the Media

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Our journey started with Dr. Steve Horvath’s research into aging. Listen to Dr. David Sinclair explain who Dr. Horvath is and why our technology is fundamental to understanding aging.

Understanding the Biomarkers of Aging

Professor of Human Genetics and Biostatistics at UCLA, Dr. Steve Horvath discusses epigenetic clocksthe biomarkers of agingand the consequences of epigenetic aging.

The Power of the
Epigenetic Clock

In this TEDxBerkeley Talk, Dr. Steve Horvath of the University of California, Los Angeles explores how epigenetic clocks are currently being used to discover anti-aging treatments.