Revolutionizing Molecular
Age Technology

Optimizing healthspan and lifespan with the groundbreaking science of aging.


The Science

Based on Dr. Steve Horvath’s DNA Methylation Mortality Prediction (M-Panel) technology, our Molecular Age Technology was designed to help the longevity insurance industry improve the predictive models used in traditional underwriting, while also providing consumers with actionable insights into their current rate of cellular aging.

Using Dr. Horvath’s “epigenetic clock” technology as a foundation, we have built a platform that defines the relationship between individual risk of all-cause mortality and biological aging. In addition to modernizing life insurance mortality underwriting and risk classification, our Molecular Age Technology also aligns the interests of insurers with those of the insured by illustrating how lifestyle and environment are directly impacting the rate at which their bodies age on a molecular level.

How It Works

In order to determine an individual’s Molecular Age, we collect a saliva sample and use advanced supervised machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze over 500,000 molecular biomarkers along the genome. Each epigenetic biomarker is assigned a value with certain biomarkers holding more weight than others. Using these values, we are able to compute an individual’s Molecular Age.

This enables us to measure how lifestyle behaviors and environmental factors are causing genes to express in ways that increase the body’s rate of aging, promoting chronic illness and disease.

1. Sample Provided

Consumer provides a biological specimen using our safe, painless saliva sample kit, which is then mailed to the processing lab.

2. DNA Extracted

Using advanced supervised machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, DNA is extracted to identify and assess over 500,000 epigenetic biomarkers along the genome.

3. Molecular Age Calculated

Molecular biomarkers are assigned values between 0 to 100 and given a weight, with some values having a greater impact than others. These values are combined to compute Molecular Age.

Product Offering

In addition to using our Molecular Age Technology for our own consumer life insurance product, we also anticipate making it available as a co-branded or white-label product to businesses in numerous other verticals, including the longevity insurance industry, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and precision therapeutics, among others.

With our Molecular Age Technology, consumers receive a robust report that includes:

  • Molecular Age – The number that most accurately represents the body’s precise age on the cellular level.
  • Delta Age – The difference between Calendar Age (i.e., Birth Age) and Molecular Age establishes a deeper understanding of overall health.
  • Peer-Comparison – Detailed comparison illustrating how a consumer compares to peers in the same age group, geographical location, and gender.
  • Educational Content – Consumer-friendly overview that explains the science of epigenetics and our Molecular Age technology.
  • Health & Wellness Insights – Specific, actionable insights based on individual molecular health.
  • Progress Reports – Consumers have the option to retest and track their health and wellness progress annually, quarterly, or monthly.

By providing consumers with objective, personalized measures of health and wellness, insurers and next-generation business models have the opportunity to improve customer engagement and brand loyalty while also increasing protective value.   

If you are interested in learning how our Molecular Age Technology could benefit your business, please reach out to us at: or 1-877-494-2388.